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Alpha Testing Systems: providing test solutions to a global customer base, retaining vast experience enabling delivery of a customer driven response to all material test demands.

The company’s founding aim was and still is, to provide optimum solutions at competitive prices. We will not over sell functionality, instead aiming always, to meet or exceed customer expectation. We provide two distinct control system packages as part of a broad product range.

We manufacture, distribute and support a wide range of materials and component testing machines and accessories for use in research, quality control and production environments. We have specific expertise in DN or Deltalab Nene testing systems and we can offer windows controller upgrades, to these systems.   

Our comprehensive portfolio of products can be used to determine the mechanical properties of most materials or components. Providing data on tension, compression, flexure, friction, peel, torsion, impact, melt flow, hardness and fatigue testing procedures.

Our powerful software provides a user friendly machine operator interface and compliance with the requirements of internationally accepted testing standards.

To complement our products we provide technical support, consultancy, planned maintenance cover, UKAS traceable calibration and training.

If you are considering the acquisition of new testing machines, we can offer extremely competitive pricing backed up by experience and expertise.




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